A Woman Empowered by God Planner


click resources Funny how great ideas pop into your head when you aren’t even trying. I was sitting on the couch the other day, thinking of ways to create a prayer journal without it costing too much $. Not only did I not want to spend too much, I wanted to keep the cost for YOU low also! I knew designing & printing a journal would be very expensive. I thought about finding inexpensive blank books & putting a custom label on it. That just didn’t do it for me. As I thought about all this, I realized I wanted a book that was more than just a prayer journal. I wanted a place where you could list your goals for the coming year, keep a calendar & more. I also wanted something each of you could customize for yourself. What one woman wants may not be needed by someone else. And, as I said before, I wanted something that was inexpensive so anyone could have their very own.

https://www.reefgems.be/14-dte37796-craigslist-women-seeking-men-in-south-ozone-park.html Well, whenever I think low cost & can be customized, I think digital! So, I have spent the last few days creating planner pages that can be downloaded as you need the pages for your planner. Below, I am sharing an image of each of the pages with a description of how to use each of them. I am also including some ideas to help you put your planner together. You can use any & all of the pages, downloading multiple copies of each page or simply 1-2 copies, downloading more as you need them.

rating for online dating sites Oh, and I am sharing these with you at no cost to you. Yes, they are FREE! Why? Because my focus this year is to help you discern your call from God, to answer it & to effectively use it. I want to help you simplify your life so you are able to focus on your call. To help you develop a variety of skills, like writing, public speaking, leadership. To enable you to get better control of your life, discover what is really important & find time for those activities & people. This planner is one of the tools I am sharing with you to help you focus, organize & minister.

If you have suggestions for additional pages, let me know. If you have tips for better using the planner, let me know. I am happy to share your suggestions & ideas. When we all work together to do the task more efficiently, we all succeed & God gets the victory!

Click on the photos to download planner pages or to go to site for items purchased from outside vendors. I do NOT receive any payment from the outside vendors. I chose Staples since that’s where I found everything I needed. The photos & links are simply to help you find what you need!

To Begin You’ll need:

1″ Binder 

(preferably one where you can insert a cover)

Clear Sheet Protectors

Monthly Dividers

Staples also has 1-31 dividers for everyday of the month & A-Z for your contact section. I am also using plain dividers, like we used in school notebooks, to create sections for prayer, events, etc.

Planner Cover

5 Year Goal Sheet

1 Year Goal Sheet

Monthly Goal Sheet

Weekly Goal Sheet

Daily Goal Sheet

Monthly Calendar Sheet

Daily Activity Sheet

Contact Sheet

Prayer Request Sheet

Individual Prayer Sheet