January 2019, Revival

POWER Part 3: Women

http://mattmcguire.ca/technology/google-deepminds-alphago-is-cool-but-its-hardly-artificial-intelligence/?shared=email One of the first places you should look when determining your call & where to utilize it is among the women in your life. I believe women have an incredible opportunity right now to encourage & support one another. You may not understand right away what you should do or how you can serve anyone but these are 3 questions…

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January 2019, Revival

POWER Part 2: Opportunities

https://espluga.net/520155-dts68598-hombre-soltero-mujer-divorciada.html It can be difficult, very difficult to discern God’s call on your life. I have struggled with this many times. It becomes frustrating, floundering around, trying one thing or another as we attempt to understand just what God wants. I worry too many times we simply give up trying. Life is busy & we just don’t have time trying to…

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