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Crafts, Guilty Mommy Gathering Ideas

Simple Fall Crafts

We tend to stick closer to home as the days grow shorter & the weather turns, first cooler and then cold. Those cooler evenings in the fall are a great time to work on craft projects. These craft ideas are also a great way to bring your guilty mommy group together to work on a few new items. BHG offers…

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Ultimate Craft Organization Solutions

BH&G always has incredible ideas and they have done it again with these solutions for organizing craft spaces. It doesn’t take an entire room to have a fabulous crafting area, just these tips that you can put to use right away. Crafty Storage

Back to School, Crafts, Family

6 Easy Back-to-School Crafts

Kids love crafts. Making things helps inspire their imaginations. BHG offers your kids 6 crafts to make as they prepare to go back to school. These easy projects allow your kids to create something unique out of their school  supplies without spending lots of money. 6 Easy Back-to-School Crafts