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The Holidays are done. A new year has begun. Winter is here & it’s time to reflect on goals & dreams for 2019. At Simple Joy, we are dedicating 2019 to helping women become empowered, achieving more than they ever thought possible.

At Simple Joy, we want to provide you with the tools & materials you need & want to empower you in 2019. This includes blog posts, podcasts, videos, classes, books, and more. As part of our mission in 2019, we are introducing our new social media network, GraceSpace & our small group network, The Sisters of Simple Joy. More information on both can be found below.

This is an exciting time for us. God is doing powerful things & we are open to His leading this year. We hope you join us on this exciting journey as we explore all the things God has planned for all of us!

Hugs & Blessings!

Jean Ann

Discover ways to empower your life with the posts on our Simple Joy blog. We share original material & link you to additional information to help you simplify your life, allowing you to focus more on answering God’s call on your life.

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Looking for a safe place to meet & network with other women? Welcome to GraceSpace. This is the social media network created by Simple Joy just for women. Create your profile & begin exploring. Join groups. Start a group. Invite friends. Just like other social media sites, you are able to set things up so the way you want. GraceSpace is a great way to connect with other women & we are inviting you to be among the first women to join. Empower yourself in 2019 by growing your network with GraceSpace!

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Grow your spiritual muscles in 2019 with books from the Simple Joy Book Store. We offer a selection of print & digital books for your enjoyment. You may shop with confidence in our secure shop. We are adding new products weekly, including materials for our online classes. Browse our products today!


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The primary focus of our mission this year is building a network of in-home small groups for women across the country. We believe women are strengthened when they have a strong network. Small groups enable women to grow spiritually & personally, in turn, strengthening their families & communities.

Soon, we are launching The Sisters of Simple Joy, providing you with the information & material you need to begin a group of your own. For now, pray for God to help you determine if you are called to begin your own group. And watch for more information as we approach our launch!