Guilty Mommy Quick Trips

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Help! I’m Lost on a Guilt Trip!

wikipedia reference The road signs on a guilt trip can be extremely confusing. No wonder we spend so much time lost on this never ending journey. And the worst part is, we can’t find for an exit to our guilt trip because it’s not a guilt trip at all! During this presentation, Jean Ann discusses the problems with guilt and helps the audience discover the true destination of their journey.

Help! I’m Stuck on the Freeway of Fear! We think we are battling guilt when it is really fear that is our enemy. And the map for this path is so confusing and overwhelming, we feel we may never overcome it. Never fear, Jean Ann has been down this way before and she is ready to show you the way out by pointing out all the low points along the way.

Help! I’m Seeking a Journey of Joy!

Joy is such a powerful part of our life yet we reduce its effectiveness everyday through fear & stress. Jean Ann understands the relationship between stress & joy, explaining why it is so important for each of us to discover ways to ease our stress so your joy may reach its full power, allowing us to achieve our full potential.