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The Guilty Mommy Overnight Trip

Friday Evening/All Day Saturday

This event enables your organization to host women in your community for an extended event without the cost of going away. You are able to give your guests all the amenities of a full retreat at your own venue. This allows you to keep your cost down and extend your invitation to women outside your group. This is a wonderful opportunity for outreach in your community, introducing women to your organization or church & the wonderful women that are part of the group.

On Friday evening, Jean Ann shares her presentation explaining the problems with guilt & helping the audience understand why it isn’t guilt they are experiencing. She breaks down all the trouble guilt brings to their lives & why they need to redefine it once & for all.

Saturday morning, Jean Ann goes on to move from guilt to fear. She shows the advantage of fear over guilt & the tools they have to control their fear including the most powerful but often underdeveloped tool they own.

Saturday afternoon, Jean Ann teaches lessons from her book Empowered by Faith, sharing stories from Scripture where people either reacted out of fear or faith & the impact the story has on their lives today.