They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Act 2:42

Welcome to Grace Space

Social Network for Women

This is a haven for women to come together to share prayer request, ask questions, offer support & encouragement & strengthen one another in the spirit of Christian sisterhood. This is a place where fear is eliminated & faith abounds.

Begin by creating your personal profile. Tell other members more about you, why you joined our ministry & ways you hope to help other women. You may have God-given talents that can serve other women in our ministry. Each of us has something to give in the form of talent. Never discount your ability or gifts!

Use this site to share your small group, if you have one. Create a page for your group so others may learn about who you are & what you’re doing.  Learn more about groups in your area. Discover the power of Christian women networking in small groups across your community.

This is also where you receive support in your everyday life, both personal and family. Share thoughts, advice, tips, & ideas with other women on the same journey as you. Create a page to address a specific issue or topic. Invite friends from across the country to join you. This is a place where you learn you are never alone.

Find refuge from an unsettling world. Connect with like-minded women. Let’s grow a community of strong, prayerful & faithful Christian women across our nation & into the world. Register as a member of  Grace Space Social Network today!


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