January 2019, Revival


check this site out The new year has started & it is a month of beginnings. The days & weeks lie ahead of us like a blanket of fresh snow: clean, unmarked, & waiting for us. Too often we rush into the new year with a long list of resolutions & plans, only to burn out or give up in frustration a few weeks, or, in some cases, a few days later.

buy modafinil in usa I was like this. I would make sincere resolutions every December as I prepared for the year ahead only to get caught up in the business of life & soon forget all my good intentions. Then, one year, I decided to try something different.

best dating apps usa Instead of pushing myself to make long range plans for the year ahead during the hectic Holiday season, I now spend January developing my plan for the new year. Yes, I know we traditionally begin our resolutions on the first, however, I am not traditional. I believe in doing things the way they work best for me & my family. By taking the month of January to set my goals & create a tentative schedule for them, I find I do a better job of sticking to my plan. This also gives me the opportunity to do my research. I watch online, through social media, to see what areas of life women are focusing on in the new year. This allows me to gear my goals to help other women meet theirs.

ligar mujeres pinseque This month, my focus is on beginnings. I am sharing ideas & tips to help you set your own goals, create your own plan. Life has given me a challenge for 2019 & I am rising up to accept it. This new year looks to be an exciting one. Maybe not an easy one but definitely not a boring one. I hope you join me on the journey. I can’t guarantee where we’ll end up but I do know we’ll have fun along the way!

On the topic of beginnings, this year one of my friends is going to be opening up her first-ever café business. When setting up a brand new business, there are so many things to consider. Utility bills for starters can be a huge concern, but thanks to comparison websites like Utility Bidder, it has never been easier to compare some of the different energy suppliers out there to make sure your business gets a good deal at an affordable price. I cannot wait to pay her a visit soon.

Each month, I plan to have a theme. This month’s is Beginnings. Each week, I’ll focus on an aspect of the theme, breaking the topics down into smaller parts which I’ll post on my blogs. In addition, to help you retain your focus, I’ll be recording each post, with perhaps a few additional thoughts thrown in & sharing those in my podcast & on YouTube. If you ever have any questions, just contact me or add a comment to the specific post.

I think that’s all for now. I look forward to spending the year with you as we all develop a better idea what god has planned for our lives!

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