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read what he said Back-to-School sales are for more than the classroom. Do your homework into sites like and you can find a variety of bargains for your entire family, your home and yourself. There are 4 key areas where you can stock up to save, a positive prospect when money is so tight for so many families.

what is the succsees rates of dating sites Let’s look at your Frugal Four Finds:


Many basic wardrobe items you and your family wear all year are on sale throughout the back to school season. You may be so focused on shopping for your kids that you overlook low priced clothing available for you and your husband. Take time now to go through closets and drawers to see if its time to replace sale items. You might even want to pick up a few things that you don’t need to replace yet but may need the next few months. Some clothing items are offered at their lowest price during B-T-S sales. The items you want to shop for include denim
(including jeans), socks, underwear, athletic shoes and tee shirts. Buy now to save later.


With the kids going off to college, many of the items you use around the house are also on sale. I have found some stores even offer special packages and items that are not available the rest of the year. Things you might not even consider can be packaged at prices much lower than you see any other time. Study the ads for great deals on coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, and blenders. In addition, bedding and bath always goes on sale. Every college student needs these items for their dorm room or apartment. Sheets, towels, pillows, blankets and rugs are offered at great prices. Items to help you organize your home are available in many stores at low prices. These items help college students store their stuff in the small space allotted them in dorm rooms. Many home items are out there, you just have to look for them.


Time to pack lunches again. This means some food items are going to be reduced in price to entice you to spend your grocery dollars. Avoid filling your pantry with too many products, tying up your money on things that may sit on your shelf for months. Plan before you shop. Study the ads. Only buy items you are going to use in 2-3 months. Cereal, cookies, lunch meat and more are reduced. There are also lots of coupons to be found for all these items. You can get a fabulous price on
things your family uses every day just by doing your research and making your plan.


All those classroom products being advertised by the office stores also work in your home office. DUH! When you are shopping for the kids backpacks, pick up a few things that you regularly use around the house. As someone who has made a habit of this for years, take my work for it: many of these items are NOT offered for a lower price the rest of the year. This includes computers, flash drives and other electronics as well. I always stock up on lined paper because it is never less expensive the rest of the year. In fact, it is often much MORE expensive the rest of the year. Inventory your office supplies. Study the ads. I especially like ads that have $.01-$1.00 items available for the week. I am all over those items. But ONLY the things I know I can use!

B-T-S is a key shopping and saving season for moms. In fact, its also the perfect time to begin some early Christmas shopping. Not to be THAT woman, I keep my eye open for anything I think I might want to pick up as a Christmas gift. As good as the prices get during the Holiday shopping season, BTS still offers better prices on certain items. Know your prices and you can save now… and later.

Do your homework and you can save your family money during the BTS shopping season. That moves you to the head of the class!

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