Memorial Day/Independence Day

14 Patriotic, Star-Spangled Ways to Use Mason Jars

other 14 Patriotic, Star-Spangled Ways to Use Mason Jars Late last year, a friend gave me a box of Mason jars. I remember looking at them & wondering what in the world I was going to use them for. I knew there were many crafts that use Mason jars but I was stumped right then. I did find ways to use them to make Christmas snow globes. Now I wish I had saved a few! These ideas are fabulous! The one in the photo above is great & worth a trip to my neighborhood hardware store to pick up a few. And there are 13 MORE crafts you can make! OH BOY! Thank you Country Living for sharing these great ideas! Enjoy!állego-paginas-conocer-gente.html Patriotic Mason Jars

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