Summer Survival Guide

The Guilty Mommy Guide 2 Summer Survival: Pick a Color

buy cenforce canada The kids are home for the summer. We have all had dreams of those lazy, hazy days spent around the pool, at the beach, over the grill… AH! Then reality sets in. You walk into your home & find a huge mess. Toys, towels, clothes are everywhere! Do you really want to spend the summer picking up after everyone? Even worse, do you want to spend the summer carping at your kids to pick up their things? And when you get after the kids, what do they say? Whatever the items, it always belongs to one of the other kids! What’s a mother to do?

Gary Take a trip to the dollar store to buy your kids the things they need for summer. Pool toys, buckets, tools (ok, you may want to go to another store for these), flip flops, etc. Have your kids pick a color in which these things are available. Then buy items in these colors. Towels, bags, a basket to store them in, flip flops, whatever they need. If you can’t get the exact color, make it close. Then you know which items belong to which child. The baskets can be placed by the door so the kids can put their items in their basket for the next day.

reyataz 300 mg australia This may seem like a pain getting the kids to pick just one color & then shop for the items you need but believe me, it pays off in the long run. One year at Vacation Bible School, we bought the tee shirts for the kids & their leaders in specific colors. Each group had their own color. At a glance, we knew which group a kid belonged too & the kids were able to remember which leaders were theirs.

You may have to ride the kids at first but it will be easier for you to identify which kid is making a mess or who keeps leaving their wet towel on the couch.

I want you to be able to enjoy this summer. Make organization easy for YOU! Then you can relax & enjoy summer more & that is better for everyone!

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