Summer Survival Guide

The Guilty Mommy Guide 2 Summer Survival: Journals

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see this As I mentioned before, I LOVE making lists. My only problem is I tend to have lists all over the place. Not good! Sometimes I think I need a list for my lists! That’s just crazy talk! Instead, I use notebooks to keep track of my information. You, however, don’t have to go that far, You can use a simple journal to keep track of things this summer.

d├ęclaration officielle There are many beautiful (& expensive) journals on the market. You don’t need anything that fancy. The dollar store has a wide selection of journals that you can use to this summer. Your journal is where you list the activities you want to do this summer. Your journal is where you can take notes on the things you did so you have a record for next year. Your journal is where you can record your thoughts. A journal allows you to keep everything in one place. You can print out small monthly calendar pages to glue in the journal. You can glue a small envelop to hold receipts & other important papers. You can adapt it to work for you. You can decorate it with stickers from the dollar store. You can add washi tape, decorations & more to make it more fun. The whole point is MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU! The more you enjoy it & the more it meets your needs, the more likely you are to use it. As summer progresses & you begin to prepare for back to school, you can pick up a new journal for back to school. You can use a journal for any important event or time of the year to help you stay organized & keep a record for the next year. Remember, work smarter, not harder & you calm your fear, reduce your stress & enjoy yourself so much more!

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