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Family Guilty Mommy Guide 2 Life Summer Summer Survival Guide

The Amazing Power of VBS #1: Spiritual Growth Vacation Bible School has many incredible things going for it. Sure, some of you may feel it is outdated but that is being too harsh. VBS may have been around for a long time but it has evolved over the years. This is not your mother’s VBS!

Memorial Day/Independence Day Summer

Organize a Neighborhood 4th of July Parade

where can i buy viagra in johannesburg This 4th of July, you don’t need a huge community parade to celebrate. Organize a parade in your own neighborhood. A simple parade like this is also a wonderful way to entertain potential Guilty Girl Tour Group members & their families. Too much trouble, not enough time? Not with these tips from BH&G. Parade

Guilty Mommy Groups Guilty Mommy Guide 2 Life

5 Powerful Reasons to Begin an In-home Small Groups: #2 Support & Advice

When you belong to a larger group, you have the opportunity to meet a variety of people, women that have different backgrounds, experiences, interests, etc. In a small group, while the members may be different from one another, they are probably like-minded. There is a reason you join THAT specific group, whether it’s the fact …

Guilty Mommy Groups Guilty Mommy Guide 2 Life

Life Lessons for Women from the Redwood Forest

Gaint redwoods can’t survive alone. They require the support of other redwoods in order to survive. Women are not much different from redwoods. We need the  support of other women to remain strong in life, withstanding any adversity that comes our way. In this episode, I explain how redwood trees support one another & how …

Guilty Mommy Groups Guilty Mommy Guide 2 Life

5 Powerful Reasons to Begin an In-home Small Group: Introduction

Beginning in seminary, I have been fascinated by the Early Church. Specifically, I’m interested in the role small in-home groups played in the growth of, not just the Church but Christians also. While Christians would meet in large groups about the size of a small to mid-sized church today, they met most frequently in one …

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