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5 Powerful Reasons to Begin an In-home Small Groups: #5 Leadership Development

find out here now There is a great need for leaders within the church & organizations. Small groups are able to encourage new leaders in a safe environment. Leaders are able to develop at their own pace among friends.


free buffalo ny dating sites When I was a kid, the vast majority of moms didn’t work outside the home. They didn’t have paying jobs however, they ran almost every volunteer organization in town. Moms ran the PTA, Scouts, Sunday School, well, pretty much every volunteer area of the church. They ran clubs & charity drives. If it took volunteers to get the job done, women often ran things or at least played a critical role in getting things done. They knew how to get other women to help, how to schedule tasks & how to chair a successful event. They may not have been running companies but they made things happen in communities across the country.

Most women today, at least most that I know, work outside the home. They may supervise large staffs & run large companies however, this does not mean they are able to run anything that requires volunteers. A woman may be the nicest boss in history but people still know she has authority over them. When you are the chair of an organization, in charge of volunteers, those volunteers GIVE you the authority over them. Handle things poorly & they will simply walk away. After all, what are going to do, FIRE THEM?

At the end of my time in the Navy, I was senior female in my department, accountable for the 75 young women attached to our department. I didn’t have to explain why I wanted something done. They were required to follow my orders. I may have asked nicely at first but if they resisted, I could push back hard. I can’t do this with volunteers & many women with supervisory experience in the workplace don’t seem to understand this.

We have a desperate need to good leaders in the church & other organizations that rely on volunteers. It takes training & experience to learn ways to bring volunteers together, working on a common goal. Small groups offer you the opportunity to grow as a leader in a safe setting, to help other women grow as leaders & to ultimately serve the Lord as leaders in the world.

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