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5 Powerful Reasons to Begin an In-home Small Group: Introduction

Beginning in seminary, I have been fascinated by the Early Church. Specifically, I’m interested in the role small in-home groups played in the growth of, not just the Church but Christians also. While Christians would meet in large groups about the size of a small to mid-sized church today, they met most frequently in one another’s homes. These house churches offered so much the larger worship group could not.

This is still true today, however, my focus is not on house church but on in-home small groups for women. These groups have so much to offer members including these 3 key items:

  1. Accountability;
  2. Intimacy;
  3. Security. 1. Accountability

It’s not always easy doing the right thing, even when we pray & read our Bibles daily. I’m not talking about BIG mistakes necessarily. We have trouble stopping ourselves from doing the wrong LITTLE things. We gossip. We spend too much money. We cheat on our diets. Oh, I know these are little things but they can stand in the way of us serving the Lord. These things make us think less of ourselves. How can we do our best when we think we’re the least?

A small group can hold you accountable for your actions, good or bad; big or small. The small group also holds you accountable as you begin to focus on answering God’s call on your life. It’s easy to make excuses so a strong group of women that have your back may be just the push in the right direction you need.
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best dating apps canberra 2. Intimacy

Church offers you deep relationships that you are unable to find elsewhere in your life. You may be close to other friends but there is something different about the relationships you build in church. While your small group is not meant to replace church, it does offer you the opportunity to develop even deeper relationships with a very special group of women. All of you have come together for a common purpose as well as working to grow stronger spiritually while you discover God’s call for your life. Each of you are able to offer encouragement & support to one another, lifting one another up for the benefit of each member & the group as a whole.

3. Security

A supportive small group offers you the intimacy you need to not only grow but stretch yourself spiritually. Your small group is a place where you are able to discover & explore their spiritual gifts & the other tools God has given you to fulfill His plan for your life. The close knit nature of the group makes it easier for you to test your talents without fear. Members in your group are able to try new things without ridicule or embarrassment. Members must never do anything that makes any woman feel she is less than God made her to be.

Small groups have so much to offer. In this series, I help offer you 5 reasons you should consider beginning your own in-home small group. And, failing that, I hope to at least give you great reasons to JOIN an in-home small group!

For now, go back & review the graphic I created with an overview of the 5 reasons to begin a group. Then, get ready. I believe this is a very exciting time to be a Christian woman. I believe God is calling us to something incredible, something powerful & we need to be ready to say, “Here I am, Lord!”

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