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About Me, My Blog & This Site

citalopram price discover Before we begin this new  endeavor, I wanted to tell you about me, give you an overview of the blog & share some of the features of this site.

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About Me

  • Married for 37 years to Mr. D, Terry Duckworth. We have 1 daughter, Katy, The Child;
  • Veteran of the U.S. Navy. I enlisted when I was 31 years old. We were married & Katy was 4;
  • Served as a diesel mechanic in the Navy & training officer my final year;
  • Also served as the senior female in my department. Accountable for the 75 women in our department;
  • Have a Bachelor of Science in Communications & Psychology;
  • Has a Master of Divinity in General Ministry;
  • Has a passion for ministering to women, helping them fulfill God’s call on their lives;
  • Has had the pink bangs for 13 years. For details, invite me to speak to your group;
  • Loves speaking at women’s events more than I love chocolate & I REALLY love chocolate;
  • Dreams of traveling across the country in an RV, hosting events to help women go from Guilty Girls to Empowered Women;
  • Loves the Lord with all my heart & feels incredibly blessed to be called by Him to serve women with my gifts, talents, experience & insights;
  • Has to force myself to sit down & write but loves holding a new book I wrote in my hands;
  • Looks forward to getting to know all of you better.

About This Blog judge Posts focus on:

  • Small in-home groups that help women grow spiritually & personally;
  • Ways to simplify your life & home, enabling you to devote time to faith, family & friends;
  • Tips to simplify entertaining, eliminating your excuses;
  • Leadership development;
  • Insight into my guilt/fear/faith theory;
  • Ways to strengthen your spiritual life;
  • Podcasts & videos to better help you understand many of the things I’m sharing.

About This Site

v tight gel where to buy release Over the summer, my focus is on helping you understand the importance of small groups in the lives of women. I hope to encourage you to test the possibility of leading your own group. I am also sharing tips to help you plan activities for your kids/family this summer, prepare ahead for BTS & more. As we head into BTS & Autumn, I plan to expand the features offered on my site, including a social network to enable women to connect with other Christian women seeking to strengthen their lives & their families.

Our site I am also adding information on my presentations & events with contact information. I love to travel. I love meeting women across the country. I look forward to helping women move from Guilty Girls to Empowered Women. If you would like more information before I post it, please feel free to contact me, using the email listed below. I know how frightened women across the country are these days. Many women are filled with uncertainty & their fear is affecting their families. Let’s come together, expose our fear to the light, pray for one another & hold one another up, stepping into the Light of the World!


Questions? Comments? Contact me. My email is   I also have plans to begin a new podcast & video series filled with even more information for you. You can also find me on social media. I’ll share those links later.

Guess that’s all for now. I really don’t want to overwhelm you in these posts. So relax & enjoy! You are on an incredible journey & we are going to have fun!

Hugs & blessings!

Jean Ann

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