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July 4th Craft Ideas

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Life Lessons for Women from the Redwood Forest

Gaint redwoods can’t survive alone. They require the support of other redwoods in order to survive. Women are not much different from redwoods. We need the  support of other women to remain strong in life, withstanding any adversity that comes our way. In this episode, I explain how redwood trees support one another & how that relates to women. I…

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5 Powerful Reasons to Begin an In-home Small Group: #1 Fellowship

   I debated which of the 5 reasons to make #1 & decided, for me at least, Fellowship is primary. Yes, the other 4 are very important yet for women, the opportunity to spend time enjoying the company of other women is very important.

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18 Ways to Throw a Can’t-Miss Summer Party

I know entertaining intimidates some of you. Just the thought of preparing an event for guests leaves you shaking. It doesn’t have to be an ordeal, though. Especially when the wonderful folks at Country Living offer you ways to entertain this summer that are simple & fabulous! They offer perfect ways to entertain fellow Guilty Girls as you prepare to…

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You Are Not Alone!

I wanted to launch this site with this quote to help remind you that you are not alone. Not only is the Lord with you always but I am here for you. And, I am working to build a network of Guilty Girls that can encourage & support one another. Help is always right there for you. Push through your…

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The Problem with Guilt Part 6: Guilt Likes the Dark

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The Problem with Guilt Part 5: We Go It Alone

  A guilt trip is a lonely journey. We rarely take a companion along with us. Those around us may suffer because of our guilt but they aren’t able to ease it. We are unable to share our burden with others so they might carry part of it for us.

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The Problem with Guilt Part 4: We Overcompensate

  We feel guilty. We think we’ve done something wrong. We try to make it right. When we can’t make it right, we overreact. One of the ways we overreact is to overcompensate. In other words, we try to make things up. We can’t make it right, so we work to make it better. Oh, Boy!