Guilty Mommy Guide 2 Life

The Problem with Guilt Part 1: Guilt Implies We’ve Done Something Wrong!

I LOVE Law & Order. I watch it on one of the local stations every Wednesday & Thursday. I watch other crime shows as well but Law & Order allows me to see the police do their job & the prosecutors do their job. So I see courtroom action every episode. Most episodes, at some point, a judge asks the…

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Guilty Mommy Guide 2 Life, Summer Survival Guide

Guilty Mommy Summer Survival Guide Part 3 Me Time

Back to School, Guilty Mommy Guide 2 Life

Kick Off Summer by Preparing for Back-to-School: #6 Shop As You go Along

While you want to have a shopping schedule so you are sure to have everything you need on time, you can begin picking up supplies & other items throughout the summer. By purchasing necessities all summer long, you save yourself a huge one-time shopping bill!

Guilty Mommy Guide 2 Life

The Problem with Guilt Part 4: We Overcompensate

  We feel guilty. We think we’ve done something wrong. We try to make it right. When we can’t make it right, we overreact. One of the ways we overreact is to overcompensate. In other words, we try to make things up. We can’t make it right, so we work to make it better. Oh, Boy!