31 Wicked Ways to Use Mason Jars This Halloween


I LOVE mason jars. I buy them in a variety of sizes from my craft supply warehouse. Then I study Pinterest & other sites, looking for creative ways to use them. Well, Country Living has offered me even more ideas with these fabulous mason jar ideas for Halloween. They are so cute & FABULOUS, I may use a whole case on them! Enjoy!

14 Overnight Mason-Jar Breakfasts

14 Overnight Mason-Jar Breakfasts

We all know we should eat better & part of that plan is starting the day with a nutritious breakfast. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way once again. The mornings are so rushed, you barely have time to grab a cup of coffee before you are off & running. You consider getting up earlier or preparing something the night before but it just doesn’t work out. You need something convenient to get you started right in the morning. Country Living & Redbook offer the solution.

These fabulous breakfasts in a jar are simple & fun to make & very easy to take along in the morning. You can put them together the night before & grab it before heading out the door in the morning. Pack that little jar with all the nutrients you need to start you day off right. Before long, you will feel a difference in your day. Use one of these recipes to get started, then begin creating your own. Your whole family is going to want one of these delights. You can create them in a plastic container for kids but the mason jars allow you, & others, to see your fabulous creation! Enjoy!

Mason-Jar Breakfasts