31 Wicked Ways to Use Mason Jars This Halloween


I LOVE mason jars. I buy them in a variety of sizes from my craft supply warehouse. Then I study Pinterest & other sites, looking for creative ways to use them. Well, Country Living has offered me even more ideas with these fabulous mason jar ideas for Halloween. They are so cute & FABULOUS, I may use a whole case on them! Enjoy!

50 of the Most Wildly Popular Halloween Ideas on Pinterest


Whenever I need a creative idea or instructions on a DIY project, I ALWAYS turn to Pinterest. Pinterest is filled with information on a variety of topics from home improvement to starting your own business. It took me awhile to get up to speed on Pinterest but I finally use it to help me around the home & in business each & every day!

Pinterest especially shines when it comes to holidays. Regardless of the occasion, you can find hundreds of ideas to help you entertain, cook, decorate, travel, well, the list is endless.

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the U.S. & Pinterest offers so many ideas to help you get ready that it would take you until NEXT Halloween to pour through them all. Fortunately, Good Housekeeping has already poured through them & offers you the 50 most wildly popular Halloween ideas found on their site. This should help stir your creative juices! Enjoy!

50+ Enchanting Halloween Decorating Ideas


Halloween is now second only to Christmas in popularity & decorating. We always decorate our home for Halloween. I try to do it in a way that makes it very easy to switch over for Thanksgiving before our Christmas decorating. It really doesn’t take much creativity or many $ to decorate for Halloween. It can be very easy as the wonderful folks at Good Housekeeping have shown us in this great slideshow & article. I’ve shared the link so you can enjoy the photos & come up with some great last minute decorations for your home! Enjoy!

Easy Fall Decorating Projects


Decorating your home for Fall is SO easy. And the best part is the way these decorations carry you all the way through the end of November! You can decorate with pumpkins, leaves, Autumn flowers, gourds & simply add a few Halloween touches for October. Remove Halloween & you are ready for Thanksgiving! Nothing could be easier!

Still stumped for ideas? Well, the good folks at BHG to the rescue with these easy ways to decorate your home for fall! Cool weather is here & cold weather is on the way. Create a cozy & welcoming feel to your home with these incredible ideas! Enjoy!

Easy Fall Decorating Projects

50 Fun Ideas for Your Best Halloween Party Ever


Autumn is a great time to entertain. While summer is wonderful for outdoor parties, sometimes the heat drives everyone inside. When the temps begin to drop, our energy rises & we feel the need to renew connections with family & friends. We gather so much during the Holidays but Halloween gives us the opportunity to entertain before the rush of the Holiday season.

Not sure how or where to begin? Good Housekeeping to the rescue with 50 fun ideas to help you throw a fabulous Halloween party for your family & friends. Relax & enjoy yourself & remember, YOU should ALWAYS be the #1 guest at your party!

Halloween Party Ideas

The Simple Joy of Autumn


Autumn is my favorite time of year. I always feel a sense of renewal when the leaves begin to change, the days grow shorter & the weather becomes cooler. Even living in SoCal has not lessened my love of Autumn. The change of seasons may be more subtle but they are apparent. I find myself energized, preparing our home for winter, pulling out my sweaters &, best of all, BAKING!

I decorate our home for Autumn, adding touches of Halloween when October arrives. I begin thinking about Thanksgiving & the, GASP, Christmas! Yes, this time of year not only increases my energy but my creativity as well!

To help you enjoy Autumn, to relieve the stress it brings with a return of school & busy schedules after a relaxing, slow paced summer, my friend, Shaunna Privratsky & I have put together a collection of articles & recipes for you & your family. Just click the link below to download your FREE copy! And keep an eye out for our FREE Thanksgiving & Christmas e-books! Enjoy!

The Simple Joy of Autumn