Fun Summer Crafts


These projects from Country Living are simple & fun. Take time over the week-end to enjoy making 1, 2 or more!

Something New! Crafting a Button Bracelet. My First!


Great Find! Great Project!

Pumpkin jar

Great find today at 99 cents store. As soon as I saw it on the shelf, I KNEW, with a bit of paint, it would make a great pumpkin candy jar! Easy to make so this also makes it a fabulous craft party project!

I’m so pleased with myself! ? Will share the finished jar, with instructions, as soon as it is done! Enjoy!

Easy Crafts with Photos


Create fabulous gifts or items for your home with these great craft ideas from BHG. Using photos, they show you how to make create accents for your home. I LOVE it!

A Girly Garden Craft Party


Invite your gardening girlfriends over to exchange plants & create fabulous containers during this fun event! BHG shows you how to plan & host.

Look what’s New at Simple Joy Crafts

Spring Craft Ideas


Spring makes me want to spruce up my home. However, Like many of you, I have to watch my budget. The fabulous folks at Country Living offer ways to brighten up our homes this Spring without spending a fortune!  Love It!

Mother’s Day Crafts


Enjoy making these fun & fabulous crafts with your kids. Country Living offers you a variety of ideas.

Projects Using a Roll of Wallpaper


I don’t like anything going to waste. Even the smallest scrap can be put to use when you apply simple creativity. These ideas from BHG offers ways to use those scraps of wallpaper gathering dust on a shelf. Just the thing to perk things up!

Recycled Craft Ideas


Incredible craft projects from recycled materials. From Country Living