Mother’s Day Crafts


Enjoy making these fun & fabulous crafts with your kids. Country Living offers you a variety of ideas.

20+ Easy Easter Decorations

I LOVE decorating our home for holidays & seasons throughout the year. I also love discovering ways to accomplish this without spend much money. BHG is my new BFF with these cute, AND inexpensive decorating ideas for Easter. The string eggs with chicks are so cute! I know I am going to try these!

Fill your home with Spring when you & your family create these darling crafts! Enjoy!

Easter Crafts

12 Easy Crafts with Clothespins

12 Easy Crafts with Clothespins

The weather outside may be frightful but that doesn’t mean you have to endure a boring day. A quick trip to the $ store to stock up on a few items & you’ll be ready for those snowy cold winter weekends. Country Living helps you get started with 12 simple crafts you & your family can make using clothespins. How clever! Enjoy!

Clothespin Crafts

Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards

Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is second to Christmas with the amount of money spent on gifts. I would never pick on anyone for spending their own money on a gift, any gift for someone. However, too many people feel pressured to spend money they don’t have on gifts for holidays like this. I honestly DO believe it is the thought that counts. Rather than spending too much on a gift this year, you can make cards for those near & dear. BHG offers a selection of cards you can make alone or with others.

Here’s a suggestion for you: Gather your friends & their children. Make a variety of cards for Valentine’s Day. I mean LOTS! Then deliver them to a local nursing home. Call the home first to let them know you are coming. Explain the cards are for the residents that never receive cards or gifts on holidays. What a fantastic way to show your love to someone you may never meet! You will make their day & teach your children a lesson that money can’t & never will buy! Enjoy!

Valentine Cards

Stylish Projects from Vintage Books


I hate throwing anything away. Instead, I try to find a use for every bit & scrap I find. If I can’t use it, I pass it on to someone that can repurpose it. BHG has come up with creative ways to use the pages from old, damaged books. These clever craft projects give old books new life in a new form.