A Prayer for Our Students

Prayer for Our Students

As kids of all ages return to school, let’s cover them in prayer.

Eternal God,

your wisdom is greater than our small minds can attain,

and your truth shows up our little learning.

To those who study,

give curiosity, imagination,

and patience enough to wait & work for insight.

Help them to doubt with courage,

but to hold all their doubts

in the larger faith of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

The Ultimate Back-to-School Shopping Lists From Kindergarten to College

Red Apple

Getting ready for back-to-school is much more complicated than it was when I was a kid. Kids need so many supplies in order to be ready for the first day of school & it can be very overwhelming for parents. Good Housekeeping is ready to  help with  what they call the ultimate B-T-S shopping list for kids of all ages. While you still need to take the time to buy these things for all your kids, at least the stress of know exactly what you need has been eliminated. And this time of year, every little bit helps!

B-T-S Shopping List

Bringing Books to Life: 10 Tips to Get Kids Reading


It makes me sad to hear a kid of any age say they don’t like to read. I believe the problem is either they have trouble reading (practice helps with this) and/or they haven’t yet found books they like. There are so many books available for kids today on a variety of subjects. I believe it is ALWAYS possible to find books any child will enjoy. To help you with your non-reader. Redbook has put together 10 tips to get the young reader in your life going!