Quality, Quality, Quality

Quality, Quality, Quality

You are a professional speaker (emphasis on professional.) You spend hours, if not days, preparing your presentation. You carefully prepare what you want to say. You study the themes and page layouts on PowerPoint, making certain your slideshow is the perfect complement to your words. You try on different outfits, shoes, ties, etc. as you put together your power presentation outfit. Everything is perfect, professional and powerful. Well, almost everything!

As a former audio technician, married to an audio technician, I am amazed how many live and recorded presentations I have listened to that sound TERRIBLE! Professional speakers spend  money on their websites, marketing materials and clothing and then buy the cheapest microphone on the market. Many speakers carefully create their printed handouts, checking for typos and print quality and then produce audio recording that sound like they were made in a tunnel with no editing. music or open/close. WOW!

As a speaker, I believe my audio products and productions are one of the most important things I offer. I know people buy them from my presentations so they can listen again, gaining more information they may have missed during my live presentation. Therefore, I want my recordings to be clearer than the live presentation but just as personal, if not more.

It doesn’t take much money to purchase the equipment for your home studio or a small set-up to take on the road with you so you can record every presentation you do. And I mean EVERY! In addition, it doesn’t take much time to create professional quality audio productions. In fact, one of the best apps used to edit audio can be downloaded free.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of learning a new trick? Not to worry! I specialize in teaching new tricks to… professional speakers. Just send me your questions or post them as a comment to this post. If there are enough questions and interest, I can host a 2-part webinar (FREE) on audio products and editing.

So, remember, in real estate, it’s LOCATION-LOCATION-LOCATION.


That makes you a professional speaker every time!