FREE Digital Book Editing

FREE Digital Book Editing for Select First-time Authors

FREE Digital Book Editing for Select First-time Authors

Sometimes, God brings me ideas that seem way out in left field. However, I have found if I close my eyes & take a step of faith, it all works out fabulously.

I have been wanting to add titles to the list of books we publish. My husband & I are not currently able to publish print books. The cost is just incredible. Then, after a lot of prayer, God finally got through to me. I am able to create an ebook for authors that they can then sell in their online store. I am not asking for any payment for this service. I am only asking for a few simple considerations:

  • If the book is a devotional, it would be part of the Devotions to Go series, with “Devotions to Go” as part of the title;
  • I would include a list of all the current Devotions to Go titles along with a link where readers may shop for other books in the series;
  • I would want the first opportunity to put any ebook I created into print. If the author chooses to print it themselves, they would need to have it printed EXACTLY as I laid it out. I would even send you the link to the printer we use. If they choose to have another publisher release your book in print, it CANNOT have “Devotions to Go” in the title or anywhere in the book if it is listed as part of the series. We hold the rights to this series. If the book is not part of the DTG series, all references to our company must be removed, including links to our other books;
  • You agree to never sell a digital Devotions to Go for more than $4. You may offer your book for LESS but never more;
  • You allow me to share your book, along with a link to your store page, on my blog.

This is not a formal contract. Just an agreement. You send me your manuscript, I lay it out just like the other books in the series or trade paper book. You hold the copyright. I create a cover. I even let you proof it before sending you the final copy. Finally, I’ll help you set-up your online store & create a blog.

Why do I do this? First & foremost is my desire to minister to women. I believe your book can help me do this.

Second, I enjoy helping new authors create their book. However, I have very firm ideas about the process & I hope you are open to my leading.

Third, when the time comes Mr. D (my hubby) & I are ready to begin printing books again, I hope to have a selection of titles from which I may choose.

Finally, I hope the authors I help will share this service, this ministry with other unpublished authors. Will I take each & every title that is sent to me? No. I am interested in seeing books in the DTG series, books that reflect our Simple Joy philosophy, cookbooks, craft books, etc. Books that help women reduce stress & find easier ways to do things in their lives.

If you are interested in possibly taking part in this adventure, let me know & I will send you proposal guidelines. Oh, yes, I must see what you wish to have published & study your plans for promoting that book so I can decide whether or not to undertake your project AND see where you are going to need the most help promoting your book.

I look forward to hearing from you. You may contact me at

Jean Ann Duckworth, M.Div

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