Lemon Cheesecake Swirl Blondies

Lemon Cheesecake Swirl Blondies

Whenever Mr. D & I visited my in-laws in Kankakee, IL, my MIL always made Lemon Bars for me. I absolutely LOVE these things. The tangy taste of the lemon paired with the sweet crust was wonderful!

Mom is gone now & as much as I miss her, I also miss her Lemon Bars. I know I can make them but it just isn’t the same. Perhaps a similar recipe that is just different enough is what I need. Thank you, Betty Crocker for these Lemon Cheesecake Swirl Blondies! they offer me the tangy goodness & sweetness of Mom’s Lemon Bars but the Cheesecake gives them a slightly different flavor to make them unique. I think Mom would approve! Enjoy!

Lemon Blondies

14 Overnight Mason-Jar Breakfasts

14 Overnight Mason-Jar Breakfasts

We all know we should eat better & part of that plan is starting the day with a nutritious breakfast. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way once again. The mornings are so rushed, you barely have time to grab a cup of coffee before you are off & running. You consider getting up earlier or preparing something the night before but it just doesn’t work out. You need something convenient to get you started right in the morning. Country Living & Redbook offer the solution.

These fabulous breakfasts in a jar are simple & fun to make & very easy to take along in the morning. You can put them together the night before & grab it before heading out the door in the morning. Pack that little jar with all the nutrients you need to start you day off right. Before long, you will feel a difference in your day. Use one of these recipes to get started, then begin creating your own. Your whole family is going to want one of these delights. You can create them in a plastic container for kids but the mason jars allow you, & others, to see your fabulous creation! Enjoy!

Mason-Jar Breakfasts

80 Healthy Casseroles

Healthy Casseroles

Casseroles have always been a favorite of mine. Long before there were slow cookers, there were casseroles, these wonderful one dish meals you could put together ahead of time, freeze & serve hot from the oven any night of the week. The beauty of casseroles is the limitless possibilities & the incredible way they use up all your leftovers! There is no right or wrong with casseroles. They are a hearty one-dish meal that’s perfect for a cold winter night. Simply add salad & dessert! Instant meal!

To get your creative casserole juices flowing, Cooking Light offers a HUGE selection of 80 healthy casseroles! They may be healthy but they are full of flavor & all your favorites! This should keep you busy for awhile!

Healthy Casseroles

7 So-Simple Gluten-Free Recipes


Kim McCosker & Redbook have 7 fabulous and oh-so-easy gluten-free recipes for you and your family including this delicious steak with mushroom ragout.

Gluten-free Recipes: Cherry Vanilla Chip Muffins


Gluten-free comfort food that’s perfect with a cup of hot vanilla tea! From Allrecipes.com

20 Healthy Dinner Recipes Under $3


I can’t wait to try these recipes from BH&G. I don’t know which excites me more: healthy or under $3!

31 Quick-Fixes with Ground Beef

31 Quick-Fixes with Ground Beef

I keep 5-6 packages of ground beef in my freezer at all times. There are so many things I can make with ground beef & Mr. D loves each dish. I must admit, though, I sometimes get bored with the same old thing. So I was ecstatic when I saw this  article in Southern Living. A different ground beef dish every night of the month!!!!! WOW! Which should I try first?

31 Quick-Fixes with Ground Beef

Gluten-free Living: Deep Dish Chicago-style Gluten-free Pizza


Kick off the weekend with pizza! Just because you are gluten-free doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fabulous dishes like this deep dish pizza. From the good folks at Gluten Freely™

25 Healthy, Easy, Kid-Friendly Breakfast Recipes


We all know kids that eat breakfast do better in school. All of us, but especially kids, need that morning fuel to help us start the day right & keep going strong throughout the day. Unfortunately, good intentions aren’t enough. Busy mornings often lead to little or no breakfast. Not good! To help you stay on track, Woman’s Day offers these 25 easy recipes to help give the entire family the fuel it needs to get through the day!

Easy Breakfast

15+ Surprising Recipes to Make in a Muffin Tin


These recipes are great on so many levels. Kids will love their size. They are easy to pack up for lunch the next day. Best of all BHG offers you 15 recipes. However, once you get started, you can expand on this list forever!

Muffin Tin Recipes