Scrumptious Brunch Breads for Easter


These breads can be made ahead & are the perfect treat for all your Easter events! Easy & delicious from BH&G.


13 Ways to Host a Great Easter Get-Together


The wonderful folks at Country Living have put together a fabulous group of entertaining ideas for Easter. Love more than one? Then I think you may have to plan a second (or third) party with your girlfriends this Spring!


Delicious Easter Brunch Recipes


Easter brunch at your house this year? No need to panic! Whether you are serving a few or a crowd, BHG has a selection of recipes to help you host a fabulous, and low stress, event!

The 10 Easter Treats That Are (Almost) Too Cute To Eat

The 10 Easter Treats That Are (Almost) Too Cute To Eat

Betty Crocker has created wonderful recipes to help make Easter incredible AND less stressful for you! These 10 recipes are great. I especially love these darling bunnies in the photo. As Betty Crocker says, they are almost too cute to eat! Enjoy!


Easter Treats

Fun-to-Make Easter Treats


These darling decoration serve double duty as incredible treats for your Easter guests. With a variety of ideas from which to choose, you might just have to make a few! From BH&G

13 Things To Do With Marshmallow PEEPS!

13 Things To Do With Marshmallow PEEPS!

You know I choose this article because I couldn’t resist the photo! I recently saw a photo of a dress covered in Peeps! I would eat my way through it before church was over on Easter! Then I would be a majorly sticky mess! Good Housekeeping has come up with ways to enjoy Peeps long after Easter. With all the different colors, I may need to try all 13 ideas! Enjoy!

Fun with Peeps

Lemon-Basil Orzo with Parmesan

Lemon-Basil Orzo with Parmesan

Planning your menu for a special event can be challenging. One of the biggest challenges is to make your meal interesting without going over the top AND without causing yourself an incredible amount of stress. For these reasons, I LOVE it when I find a recipe will add a freshness to my menu but is simple to make.

This Lemon Basil Orzo with Parmesan is the perfect example. It is simple to make, will add a freshness to your meal & goes perfectly with your Easter menu. Enjoy!


Lemon Basil Orzo