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Easy Sewing Projects


These simple sewing projects are easy enough for a beginner & for kids to help create. They make wonderful gifts but I warn you, they are so cute, you’ll want to keep them! I know which project I want to make first!

Create Your Own Candy Buffet

Candy Bar Jars

I have seen Candy Buffets featured on websites & magazines as a fun ways to offer sweets to guests at weddings, showers, parties, etc. I wanted to make my own Candy Buffet but the jars were so expensive & BIG! So I decided to make my own smaller jars. The $ store had just what I needed to make a fun, colorful & sweet display for Easter & throughout the year!

Containers & Candlesticks

At the $ store, I browsed the vases & candleholders for an assortment of glassware. By mixing things up, I was able to make my display more interesting visually. I also bought candlesticks.

candlestick top

Be sure the edge or rim of your candlestick is fairly flat. I have a pair that are raised & they won’t fit flat on the bottom of the jar. These were flat enough to work great.

glass cleaner

I used glass cleaner to remove the price stickers, residual glue & to clean the glass. Make certain all your pieces are dry before beginning.


I use E6000 to epoxy my pieces together. I worked outside. If you must work inside, make sure the room is well ventilated. And NEVER leave it, even for a second, were kids can get into it!

Epoxy on candlestick

With E6000, you must put the epoxy on both piece & let them set for a few minutes before bonding the together. The tricky part was determining where to put it on the jar so there wouldn’t be extra all over the bottom.

Epoxy on jar

My solution was to position the candlestick (with the epoxy on it) on the bottom of the jar, then take them apart. If necessary, I add a bit more epoxy to the jar & candlestick where there are bare spots. I then give it a few minutes to set up.

Jars drying

Then I put the candlesticks on the jars & let them set. They should set overnight but it was really dry & hot here when I made these so they were ready in an hour or so.

More drying jars

Now to fill the jars!

Some jars I filled with candy. But for others, I added $ store moss (it only took one bag), small nests, colorful fake eggs, a bunny & even a Christmas ornament I saved that is shaped like a cross! I pushed the moss down in front & up in back so the nests would be at an angle. This way they were more visible through the glass.

nest & eggs

bunny jar

Cross jar

I already had this large candleholder. You can often find great jars like this at the thrift store!

A few other pieces

vintage blocks

I added some of my handmade vintage blocks from my gift shop to the display.

place card holder

I thought this doorknob shaped place card holder from my shop looked cute with the chick graphic added.

finished display 1

And there it is!

Finished display 2

Very simple! Very colorful! A bit elegant! AND inexpensive! How great is that!

I plan to keep this display up through Easter. Then I plan to create an April in Paris display! I promise to share!


Easy Button Crafts for Kids


I LOVE making things with buttons! there is such a variety of buttons available these days that make your craft projects pop. You can also buy various sizes & colors of buttons in bulk to make your projects even easier & less expensive.
These projects are for the kids. Summer days should be spent outside in my opinion but there are those rainy days that spoil outdoor fun.When that happens, you need to be ready with boredom busting projects. These bright and easy crafts use buttons to create darling projects. From BH&G

12 Easy Crafts with Clothespins

12 Easy Crafts with Clothespins

The weather outside may be frightful but that doesn’t mean you have to endure a boring day. A quick trip to the $ store to stock up on a few items & you’ll be ready for those snowy cold winter weekends. Country Living helps you get started with 12 simple crafts you & your family can make using clothespins. How clever! Enjoy!

Clothespin Crafts

50 Best Ways to Use Mason Jars


Canning is making a big comeback. This requires mason jars, lots of mason jars! What do you do with all those jars when they aren’t being used for canning? Well, Country Living has an incredible list of things to do with unused jars. These projects are so cute & useful, you may find yourself scouring yard sales & thrift shops for more jars!

Mason Jars