My Simple Joy Life

Me in all my pink & orange haired glory! Taken by the infamous Mr. D!
Me in all my pink & orange haired glory! Taken by the infamous Mr. D!

Many years ago, I created the Simple Joy philosophy. It was based on 3 very simple rules:

  • Keep It Simple, Sweetie;
  • Ask for Help;
  • Take Care of Yourself.

At the time, NO ONE was writing or talking about simplifying your life or discussing the importance of joy. It’s not easy to build a following when you are the only one that sees the importance of your message. Fortunately, women today have a better understanding of the importance of simplification & joy.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t practicing what I preach! I was great at telling other women what THEY needed to do but really bad at doing it myself. For too many years, I tried to find satisfaction in things, especially things that brought me status. I seemed to focus on the third rule & ignored the others. Worse still, I only took care of my external needs, like my clothes & appearance.

Things have changed. I really am into the simple things now. I get greater satisfaction out of riding my nifty pink cruiser bicycle around town than I would driving a luxury car. I’d rather spend time with people, especially women, helping them discover ways to enjoy the simple things, too!

This blog is where I show you how I live MY Simple Joy Life. May it inspire you to begin living yours!

Hugs & Blessings!

Jean Ann

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    1. Thank you for the kind words & the information. I plan to share your link n a post later this week. I will let you know when it is up. If you have any other articles online that you believe my readers would enjoy, please feel free to send the links to me. I am always looking for great information to share with others.

      Thank you again! JA

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